Thursday, October 9, 2008

Most boring town hall debate ever

I thought McCain did okay. Obama is an insufferable ass but I am going to have a heart attack if McCain doesn't start putting the screws to him about this financial crisis. When Obama blames deregulation and couches it in terms of the "failed policies of Bush" he is being a spectacular liar. The only even relevant deregulation occurred during the Clinton administration and he signed it after it passed the senate with NINETY-ONE VOTES. Obama hides behind this letter he purportedly sent to Bernanke, but the truth there is that he sent it in late March of 2007 when there had already been a massive failure of subprime lenders with more to come. He was simply being a weasel reacting to headlines. The Democrats had blocked every effort at reform for years in this regard and the special-interest money trail shows it. Obama himself worked as an attorney to sue CitiBank in order to force them into making more loans. It doesn't help that the bulk of the mainstream media is aiding him in perpetuating these lies but McCain had damn well better do a more vigorous job of speaking past them.
When the most public efforts I've seen thus far were Bill O'Reilly verbally sodomizing Barney Frank and a skit on Saturday Night Live pinning this on Democrats, the so-called maverick of the senate isn't exactly showing enough fight to inspire much confidence from me.

O'Reilly with Frank:

RNC hits it but McCain needs to do better on his own:

More on Obama's involvement in creating this mess.

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