Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sisyphus thou art a Manhattan Republican

I don't know if I'd call a pro-McCain march on the Upper West Side of Manhattan brave exactly. It is funny to watch the unbridled hostility they encounter but its hard to fear a neighborhood that probably has the largest concentration of neurotic pussies on the planet. For all the haughty pretensions their politics are a strange, angry, insular, knee-jerk kind of liberalism that is rarely challenged in their circles.

It wasn't a year ago that I was reading David Mamet's book of [phoned in] essays about the movie business Bambi vs. Godzilla and it was suffused with so many gratuitous and idiotic liberal platitudes that reading it felt like being gang-raped by a West End Avenue co-op board. Of course, it was made all the weirder when some months later he had bucked the long odds and published an essay in the Village Voice about why he was no longer a brain-dead liberal. So maybe wisdom can strike anywhere, even on line at H&H Bagels.

Hat tip: The People's Cube

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