Sunday, November 2, 2008

Left-wing radio host wants Joe the Plumber DEAD!

On a certain level this just makes me laugh. I mean, part of what makes progressives so squirrely about conservatives is that the overwhelming majority of the warrior caste leans to the right and even if they vote Democrat it is based on identity politics or Union interests or other such matters. Cops. The military. Look at the former athletes in politics. Even in the most fey, lefty vocation of all, think of who the Republicans are. From John Wayne to Charlton Heston to Arnold Scwarzenegger to Bruce Willis to "The Rock" to Clint Eastwood to Gary Sinise to Sylvester Stallone to Robert Duvall to James Woods they are overwhelmingly alpha males. Sure, there's also Kelsey Grammer and Jon Cryer who are as nebbishy as any progressive, just as there are probably a few cops and soldiers who read Mother Jones. But as a general matter it is true. Even angry alpha male progressive Henry Rollins turned to roids and rage because he was a big mouthed twerp who got his ass kicked growing up.

Progressives see in the right every guy who ever made them flinch in the locker room during gym class. Every mean, popular girl. Every fraternity or sorority who had fun without them. Every cop who ever showed insensitivity. Though, admittedly probably every gay basher too. It's why so many movies are tilted to reflect this dynamic, as it is the experience of dweeby writers and directors growing up. And its why many of the professions in which they predominate tend to be the most vicious and sexist, as these losers are replaying high school as the cool kids that they never were.

We are not in an era where tough - though misguided - leftists went to fight Franco in the Spanish Civil War. We're past the day when bare knuckle brawlers like Norman Mailer had street cred as tough guys. And we're not in a place like we were during the Civil Rights and anti-Vietnam era where people who saw the wrong came from all walks of life. The only macho progressives I know of are not even men.

So when Charles Karel Bouley, KGO radio host, Huffpo writer and Obama supporter says he wants Joe the Plumber dead you have to admire the tough talk that results from having insulated oneself for so long from those who would laugh in the face of his delusions.

I guess that's one of the most frustrating things for progressives. They really ARE scared of the right. Viva la moonbats.

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