Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Republican candidate sabotaged, media strangely silent.

Via Ace of Spades blog:

Eddie Adams is running against incumbent Kathy Castor for FL CD-11, parts of Tampa, the Southbay, Bradeton, and a chunk of south St. Petersburg. It's a light blue district demographically and electorally, but it is in play. It went for Bush in 2000, for example.

Well, someone decided that burning effigies didn't got far enough, so (apparently) they affixed a mattress to the underside of Adams' SUV, where it caught fire, which then spread to the vehicle interior. Adams was hospitalized for the resulting burns and is continuing his campaign.

Did I mention he's black?

Yep, sure is.

And yet, no one carried this, that I'm aware of, except for local AM 820. Not the Tampa Tribune. Not the (Pulitzer-winning!) St. Pete Times. Not the local broadcast news outlets. Nada.

Let this be a lesson to persons of all races, genders, ethnicities, and religions that
violence against minorities is only outrageous when the political axis of the victim aligns correctly; anything else is a wash.

Go Vote.

Especially in FL 11 (and FL 13.)
Show these people that we can't be intimidated. Show them that you fight fire with franchise, and that we shouldn't be afraid.

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