Tuesday, December 8, 2009

About this so-called subversive shop.

It's probably misleading to call whatever I'll end up putting on Cafepress or Zazzle a shop. At least from my perspective. It's really about making whatever people see of value here available for their personal use. I'd just as soon send people Photoshop files for nothing and let them deal with it.

When the Obama Joker poster started mysteriously cropping up around Los Angeles the reaction on the left was all I ever hoped it would be to such things. More importantly everyone else got to witness their reaction. They do not like to be made uncomfortable inside their cocoons. And what was great about this particular poster, aside from the mysterious provenance, was that it was a direct taunt at their delusional self-image as the "good guys."

Because I endure the frustration of living in leftlandia, I've often laughed to myself while thinking about how easy it would be to mess with these people. Get in their heads. For all the railing people do about the knee-jerk leftism of the New York Times, for instance, how amusing would the reaction be to stickers slyly cropping up around their headquarters with an (R-rated) image of Pinch Sulzberger fellating Teleprompter Jesus? Perhaps with a line like "All the news that fits the narrative." (Don't blame me if someone does it now, I'm just spitballing here). The whole point is to cultivate mischief. Not everything can make a dent in the left's psyche or grab a news cycle, but the more people who try their hand at giving it a shot the better. And hopefully I can inspire some people to do so.

So I'll put up tee shirts that I think look kind of cool if that is what people are into. Wearing politics on your sleeve in everyday life is a little moonbatty for me personally, but I certainly wouldn't discourage others from doing it. I'm primarily thinking in terms of simple images/messages that would be cool on stickers or poster type deals that people could slap in lefty environs. And I'll go into greater detail about this sort of stuff as time goes on - assuming anyone gives a shit - but since I put the cart before the horse by incorporating the shop into the blog design this is kind of a throwaway explanation with a few hastily put together samples based on things I'm playing around with for the blog.

The Godzilla one above probably doesn't need the words underneath and Al Gore could be replaced easily enough with any high-profile lefty. But for the purposes here it needed something in the way of a description since his head is the size of a chipmunk turd. The images below are pretty much self-explanatory.

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