Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I shall not shut up.

I remember seeing this Andrew Klavan video months ago and thinking it pretty much sums up why I'd finally took to blogging last year. I went through my twenties being pleasant in political discussions and wonkish in what I'd generally choose to read. And in my insular little corner of the world I tried my best to hold up my end of high-minded discourse. But high-minded was seldom what I got in return from the clucking lefty poseur chickens who envelop my NYC existence like the stench of urine in the subway. So while I'd grown weary of the tedium of engaging lefties - and it really doesn't matter if they are well-educated or certified imbeciles, they almost all argue like the latter - the urge to lay waste to the sort of people I now suffered in silence was palpable.

Unfortunately, a few months of blogging made it obvious that I wasn't staying true to my original purpose but instead falling into the habit of mostly spitting out the same shopworn daily-events-driven flotsam as every other politically-tinted blog in the universe. Fine if you have a readership of people who turn to you for that. Fucking moronic if you have no audience, are making no effort to attract one and the whole practice is far afield of the raison d'ĂȘtre in the back of your head for beginning this in the first place. So I did the sensible thing and put a Glock to the temple of this pitiful enterprise.

But then I saw that Obama/Joker poster and the stir it caused. It was the sort of subversion from the belly of the beast that I'd initially wanted to contribute to here. And there's nothing like nearly a year of the hapless left being in full control of the corridors of power to inspire someone to try again and with greater effort. So here we are. Version 2.0.

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