Thursday, December 24, 2009

Symbolic political Christmas gifts.

For lefties. I give you F.A. Hayek's The Road To Serfdom. I know I'd stand a better chance of convincing a Hollywood starlet to "clean" chocolate frosting off of my nut sack than I do of coaxing the average lefty to read the dang book. But there is a cartoon version of it available for easy digestion. And I turned it into 3-D so you can grab your glasses (which you probably own to be ironic) and enjoy it like the children you are. Have a vegan cookie and organic fair trade coffee in a recycled paper cup on me, too! There's no excuse for not partaking, especially since I made it even more convenient by skipping to the last page.

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For wingers. I give you Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism. It's not exactly a new book at this point and I suppose the dust has to settle before it can be considered canonical, but it is the most important conservative book in recent years in my opinion. It is a bit of a tease in that it is both intellectual history and a distillation of its contemporary relevance, thus leaving you hungry for more of the former. One wishes that he could hide in the bat cave of academia and make expounding on this his life's work, spitting out volume after volume of daggers to the heart of the left's willful self-deception about their own history. But its ultimate beauty as a work of popular non-fiction is that he has changed the way innumerable people look at history as well as the present and has no doubt inspired other worthies to move the ball forward. Probably the best intro is to simply watch the speech he gave to The Heritage Foundation as he was kicking off his book tour. The link is to the first segment, finding one's way to the subsequent ones should be easy enough. It's worth a watch even if you've read the book.

Merry Christmas.

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