Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun with Youtube

Imagine you're a moonbat watching a Youtube of your favorite left-wing kook, thinking you're safe in your little leftlandia bubble and a few minutes through it changes to a message from Wingerland! No clues as to what was coming.

This mean-spirited jokesterism can be done with video of any leftard cultural marker but I chose Chomsky because, well, no particular reason aside from what a loathsome critter he is. All you have to do is download a youtube video (there are websites which enable this), put it into a cheap video editor, say what you wanna say and then upload it back to youtube with an innocent description. The more videos that get the treatment, the better. It could be reminiscent of the old Energizer commercials where you'd be watching a typically bad TV commercial and the bunny would crash into the scene. After awhile you'd be half expecting the bunny to show up every time you watched an awful commercial.

Yes it will upset lefties. And the cleverness is doubly upsetting and confusing on account of the cartoons of righties these jackholes have in their heads. There are innumerable ways to go about it. I chose to insert a second video inside the chomsky video with scrolling type. Well I didn't actually do it. I just made a few photoshops for inspiration. I'm doing my part by just putting the idea out there for you stupid wingers to follow through on.

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