Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Coffee Party. Don't laugh. It's real.

It isn't easy to parody progressives. In light of the visibility of the Tea Party movement, leftivists apparently determined that a steady stream of dishonest prattle and demonization was insufficient. So they've taken to the rather transparent and unimaginative act of trying to imitate it. The Coffee Party - how clever! - is a nice little bit of astroturfing which the media immediately lapped up like the two dollar whores that they are. But as Legal insurrection and other blogs have noted, it is a complete and utter fraud which epitomizes the lack of self-awareness and insularity of leftists.

One, their organizing principle is to set themselves apart from the Tea Party by positioning themselves as different (read: civil and "inclusive"). And that is, you know, a narrative about the Tea Party which they manufactured to begin with. How very postmodern of them. And two, in spite of their phony mission statement these idiots proceed while fully embodying their characterization of the right. After spending eight years poisoning political discourse beyond repair in this country, to be posturing as wounded kittehs when faced with push back against their still unabated, overheated rhetoric is just bizarre.

As fond as I've become of making up words online, I'm at a loss for one which would boil down the left's penchant for being fascists and pussies simultaneously. Fagcists? Not one in a hundred proggies would understand that these coffeehouse flyers I made up are mocking them. They're simply creeps living in their own alternate reality.

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  1. "...the media immediately lapped up like the two dollar whores that they are"

    Oh, please, they are $20 whores.

    At least.


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