Sunday, March 28, 2010


Given the mean-spirited nature of much of what I post here, it seems important to note that I have never studied under novelist and professor Brian Kitely. He does not endorse the content here, nor does he - as far as I can gather - condone kicking puppies or picking and eating one's scabs with a cheap glass of Yellow Tail Chardonnay. And as I'd never heard of him before last week I do not know what his visceral reaction would be to slightly effeminate forest rangers, society swells with a penchant for buggery or googie architecture in flyover states. So any concurrence on such matters is purely coincidental. Any references to liberal fascism should not be taken to imply that novelist Brian Kitely is for or against it, nor should any future recipes posted for crawfish etoufee or pomegranate sangria be meant to suggest that professor Kitely is a cowardly Frenchman by way of Louisiana or an alcoholic who indulges in fruity wine when mainlining bourbon grows boring. The frequent bestiality jokes here are not references to novelist Brian Kitely's sexual proclivities which may or may not include interludes with barnyard animals, Reubenesque women, bears, cadavers, Westslope Cutthroat Trout, asexual hippies, quadruple amputees, emotionally-vulnerable lesbians, young boys or women who can shoot ping pong balls out of their vajayjays. I hope I've cleared this up and that professor Kitely can go about the work of educating our youth in peace.

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