Monday, March 15, 2010

Diversity's reductio ad absurdum.

I've made very little effort to publicize this blog thus far because it was never going to be a daily headlines driven undertaking. The world doesn't need another, and I have more of a monthly magazine mindset as these things go anyway. So I've built up a few months worth of posts in the hope that people will get a sense of what I'm doing and if they enjoy my mercifully short and evil missives they'll see it as a place worth dropping in on every once in a while. That means I try as best I can to make most of the sporadic posts unique. And while a quick look will make the basic thematic missions here rather obvious, I also want to dedicate the occasional post to the sort of material everyone bookmarks when they see but seldom revisit.

This 2007 Wide Angle documentary about Affirmative Action in Brazil really gets to how bizarre the concept of "diversity" is in a self-evident fashion that a domestic critique probably couldn't. Anyone who has the diminished mental capacity to embrace this nonsense in general isn't likely to allow reason to pierce their fog of emotion-driven paternalism, but seeing it play out in a nation with more color shades than a 64 box of Crayolas has to shake some of the cobwebs out of an American leftist's cerebellum.

Or not.

But I can't help thinking that like Thomas Sowell's studies of Affirmative Action around the world and Theodore Dalrymple's chronicles of the social dysfunction in the (white) British underclass, this documentary drives home the reality that declaring war on human nature under the guise of social justice is a universally stupid and counterproductive undertaking.

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