Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Cartel

If your objective was to keep minorities reliably in your camp come election day, how would you go about it? You'd want to keep them clustered in particular districts, for starters. You'd want to keep a critical mass of them poor, uneducated and somewhat helpless to improve their personal circumstances. You'd scare them about the big bad racist world that awaits them outside their neighborhoods. You'd champion political correctness so it was clear that you were their designated protectors. You'd push affirmative action so that those who did escape had a clear sense of whom they were indebted to and a tinge of insecurity about their true place in the outside world. You'd vilify any members who strayed from the plantation.

Of course, it'd be made even easier if you had a reciprocal relationship with the teacher's unions and the rest of the education establishment. Showering the greedy and the incompetent with money assures that you can look minority voters in the eye and praise your own righteousness in dollar amounts while the amply compensated education establishment does their part in keeping them helpless and in the right voting column.

This isn't exactly Bob Bowdon's position in his new documentary about the education establishment in New Jersey - and by inference, everywhere else in America. From the clips and interviews I've seen, his concern is squarely on improving the situation for students, as it should be. But the documentary encompasses everything conservatives have been saying for decades about our educational system, and it is a solid gold dissertation on why whenever the left gets on their high ponies and calls the right racist - such clucking being in full bloom at the moment - the only right answer is to tell them to go fuck themselves with a chainsaw.

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