Friday, April 9, 2010

Obama is half monkey (on his mother's side).

Contrary to what the last few posts would suggest, I don't particularly enjoy droning on about the rather joyless subject of race. But the left renders it necessary because they have a singular obsession with it and they're relentlessly manufacturing ugly narratives as a result. So much so that it is increasingly obvious that they are emotionally ill-equipped to handle having a black president.

That they cannot see beyond race is hardly anything new. In a notably comical instance Bill Clinton suggested some years ago that racism was the only reason the grossly incompetent David Dinkins might lose his NYC mayoral re-election bid against Rudolph Giuliani. But Karma being an even bigger bitch than Hillary Clinton, we all had the pleasure of watching front row as the left subsequently played the race card on both the Clintons and her supporters during the 2008 Democrat primaries. Ready, aim, fire lefties. It's a pathology. It's a business model. It's both!

The left's endless stream of racial thoughtvomit makes trying to focus on particular instances a dizzying proposition, but the impetus for this rant is a post by Jeff Goldstein about the reaction of lefties to a cartoon one of his co-bloggers created which portrays Obama as having date raped the Statue of Liberty. It's more of a bad metaphorical tantrum than an artful cartoon, really. A woman offers implied consent by letting the guy inside her place (Obama gets elected) and then he forces himself on her (pushes healthcare against the will of the American people). But rather than seeing the most powerful man in the world violating the liberty of Americans - agree or disagree - as represented by the Statue, these cretins choose to see a black man raping a white (green!) woman which harkens back to a time when Democrats in the South lynched black men as a means of keeping them away from white (not green!) women. It makes one wonder ...
Exactly what the fuck is this?

You likely know it's the handiwork of photographer Jill Greenberg who was commissioned by The Atlantic Monthly to photograph John McCain during the closing months of the 2008 campaign. The right expressed outrage over the vileness of her photoshopped images. And the magazine sort of apologized. But put on your lefty hat for a minute.

It is Barack Obama as a monkey taking a steaming dump on John McCain's shiny dome during the heat of the election. How could it not be? How in this particular moment in time could it have signified anything else? We know the historical employment of such imagery. Photographer Jill Greenberg is a racist! The deep-thinking, mind-reading left might have conjured up such an "insight" were they not all pissing themselves with moronic and juvenile laughter over the thing. Here we have a panoply of images depicting George Bush as a simian. Oh, we get that it isn't racial. They depict Bush as stupid and less evolved. Not quite human. And he isn't! So it's much different than the historical depiction of blacks as simians because the imagery in those instances was meant to exhibit them as, uh, stupid, less evolved and thus, somewhat less human. Wouldn't logic suggest that the basic imagery is what serves as an offensive and hurtful reminder to blacks? Apparently, no.Or, apparently, yes. Because, like, when a cartoonist cleverly combines a current local story about police having to shoot a pet chimp that went berserk with a national story about congress passing an idiotic stimulus bill, it isn't about chimps as representing stupidity (see Bush above) but about the old racist imagery of blacks as less evolved. It makes perfect sense when the left's only consistency is in feeding a racist narrative and using it as an all-purpose weapon and shield. Except that when lefties aren't calling conservatives racist and generically stupid, they're mocking them for supposedly not believing in evolution.

Funny, that.

[ 10/ 1 UPDATE: A Summer of choosing not to do any blogging bled into the Fall. Beautiful weather. College football. Happy hour. There's always a reason to spend time doing something other than this when you're out of the habit. But politics don't sleep. Nor do left wing memes. So it's fun to note that in spite of my inactivity, this particular post has been visited with a high degree of regularity while Democrats' approval ratings circle the drain. And overwhelmingly the visits stem from locales which would suggest progressive individuals. I can just picture all you smug douchebags typing in your little (Obama, Monkey) search terms, only to realize the subject line of the post was my way of giving you the middle finger. Thanks for stopping by. Now go fuck yourself. ]

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