Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stranger in a strange land.

Every time Obama infuses a speech or comment with a dose of Americana he looks like he's enduring some odd mixture of an out of body experience and the physical strain of opening a pickle jar. He's like watching a bad "B" movie full of no-names where everything seems a little off until someone says "get oot of here" and you realize that rather than having been made by aliens it's just a dopey Canadian flick.

The left has certainly endeavored to destroy Palin by subjecting her cultural differences to ridicule, but most Americans can recognize the fundamental American-ness of her Alaskan lifestyle. It's just awash in regional quirks. Obama, the product of a leftist bubble, is not an American at all even if the media practices a variant of "don't ask, don't tell" with regard to his fundamental discomfort in his own country. He is, so to speak, the tip of the spear in the left's no longer glacial pace of carving out an entirely separate culture than the rest of us.

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