Sunday, July 8, 2012

Michael Bloomberg: Imperial Cockroach and Soda Hater Extraordinaire.

One could easily get the impression that I hate hate hate every person on the left from reading this blog. But the truth is that I just have a strong dislike of most lefties, whereas I hate hate hate Michael Bloomberg. He's half emperor, and he's half person I just want to see drown in a pool of Coca-Cola (if vomit isn't available). That probably doesn't make any sense seeing as he's all emperor and that's what makes me wish death by drowning in vomit on him, but you can't really go on a hate bender and expect rationality. The one thing that's almost as pitiful as Bloomberg is all the little fascist twerps who are cheering on his attempts to do things such as banning large sodas. Is this not America anymore? Barely, I say. This shirt looks awesome in black or dark blue, though Zazzle shirts are cheaper in white. There's also a second shirt, with a bottle, which has a naughty word on it.

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