Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A new beginning for the blog.

My first roommate was a chef, and I honestly never saw him cook in the entire year that we shared an apartment. I suppose it's possible that he was actually a ninja assassin using a phony "chef" job as cover, but I don't think that even ninjas could eat Chef Boyardee Beefaroni out of a can every other day like he would. So I'm just gonna assume that the thought of cooking on his own time made him sick enough to eat horrible food.

That's pretty much what this blog was though - a writer who had very little interest in writing in his off-time - no matter how different the subject matter is from writing TV commercials. It was mostly a heaping pile of half-assed that found whatever energy it had from things other than writing. Or an audience.

I used to doodle incessantly at work. My co-workers would say that I should sell them, seeing as how cool and elaborate they'd become. I'd joke that if it ever became a deliberate means of making money, I'd probably pump out a screenplay a week to avoid doing it. Because, really, I got good at it because I expended so much energy into avoiding work.

But since doodling was replaced a few years ago as my means of blanking out by making design-y shit on the computer, I've progressively gotten better at mixing my advertising skillz - writing, if necessary and design - into something useful for wingnuts. So henceforth, this blog will be given over to t-shirt designs, bumper stickers and what have you. Political always. Because even if Romney is barely an improvement at all, getting this chump out of the White House is as important as anything we'll do in our adult lives.

I've been putting things up on Zazzle over the last month or two. It's a far bigger pain in the ass than I bargained for, but I'll put links to everything here - along with images of the graphics since they're a little tougher to see on Zazzle - and you can buy whatever you like.

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