Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reagan, Ronald Reagan.

Like the rest of these Reagan Warrior products, there's no rhyme or reason to them other than my urge to drop Reagan into cool and unexpected images. The Gipper lives on in tee shirts and the like, but few if any people use him in lighthearted and/or interesting ways that I've seen. I see so much goddamned Che Guevara shit out there that I think that us right wingers need something of our own to throw back in the faces of leftists. Probably went a little overboard on the variety of products here, but who knows what anyone else needs at any point in time? Who am I deprive someone at the moment that they're desperately seeking an apron with Ronald Reagan as James Bond on it? The Tee shirt. Coffee Mug. Refrigerator magnet. Key chain. Stickers. Mousepad. Apron. Trucker hat.

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