Monday, July 9, 2012

Ronald Reagan Brand Whoop Ass.

There's a time in every wingnut's life when he or she wishes that they had a can of whoop ass handy. And while these items don't necessarily alleviate that problem, they do tell people that you're the kind of person who may very well have some Reagan whoop ass in your back pocket. That can be enough. Projecting strength I believe they call it. These items will all be available in (red, white and) blue at such point that Zazzle finishes screwing around with their website, but black is plenty menacing. It's available on white shirts, magnets, buttons and stickers. And also on the likes of mousepads, aprons and trucker hats. No word on whether having a Reagan can of whoop ass on a mousepad helps ward off computer viruses, but someone must buy the things or they wouldn't have them up on their site for people like me to spend 15 seconds applying an image to them.

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  1. As I feel now prouder a lil louder were r the real American heroes


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