Sunday, September 21, 2008

Art you can believe in


Considering how much creepy fascist/marxist/authoritarian imagery the Obama campaign has inspired it is comforting to occasionally happen upon art that tells the political truth, so to speak. I've been a fan of the considerable talents of Yeehaw Industries ever since I came across them via their design work for the equally cheeky and down-home Southern Culture On The Skids. And this poster is a perfect distillation of what a desire for "change" really means to the great mass of Americans who are fed up with Washington, and does it in a playful way. Obama may well win this election but the notion of him as a savior, redeemer and beacon of hope is beyond distasteful. And fundamentally anti-American, as most people are rightfully proud of their country and prefer to canonize people after the verdict on their service is in.

hat tip: American Digest

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