Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Leftist academics do the predictible: Rally around unrepentant terrorist Ayers

It is rather touching that a bunch of far-left academics have created a petition in support of Billy Ayers. The shocking, shocking McCarthyite tactics which the McCain campaign has engaged in by sullying the good name of a man who declared war on the US, followed through with several bombings and avoided life in prison on a technicality have been beyond the pale. And linking him to Obama, how unbelievable. I'm sure it won't survive the review process but I felt compelled to sign the petition in the name of Diana Oughton. That was Ayers girlfriend who blew herself up while building bombs designed to inflict mass casualties at an army base dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey. That they spectacularly failed and killed themselves in the process may be the only comic relief they ever provided.

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That's their statement preceding the petition. No mention of what Ayers did, what he believes to this day or the fact that he regrets none of it. But that's because they are a-o-k with every last bit of it.

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Worth noting is when these scumbags actually acquired the domain name and initiated this "spontaneous" support. And who, pray tell, would have been anticipating the possible need for such a thing a year ago? Someone who was just a guy in his neighborhood?

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  1. This is certainly an interesting find. If this was in anticipation of attacks from Hillary in the primaries it proves that Ayers wasn't just "someone in the neighborhood" and the campaign was expecting to be hit on their association.


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