Friday, October 24, 2008

Just who the hell is this Obama guy?

I've wanted to give Obama the benefit of the doubt because on many levels it will be a great day when America elects a black president. But this is not like buying some fucking bargain bin used DVD where you have a feeling the movie sucks but figure it is only a buck so what the hell do you have to lose? Yet that is the fundamentally unserious manner in which the media has checked under the hood of his hope and changeness.

It would be frustrating to me, disgusting even, if the American people were to choose Obama for who he is and what he believes. But that is democracy in action.

It also isn't what has transpired thus far.

The man has no record of legislative achievement and nothing in his life matches his rhetoric. So what is a sane person supposed to think? Should one not look to his background, associations and past utterances to get the measure of the man who would be leader of the free world? It doesn't inspire much faith when he blatantly lies with impunity about the potentially harmful things in his past which are established facts. It inspires even less confidence that there have been a litany of revelations in various corners of the internet which have been scrubbed by allies of his the moment they came to light.

Which brings us to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, his pastor of 20+ years. The issue of race is a mine field for McCain. Not the least of the reasons being how shamelesly the media and Obama supporters use it to protect him from scrutiny and truthing. But in spite of the fact that Obama laughably suggests that he never heard Wright spew vitriol like the famed "God damn America" speech, it is a church which preaches black liberation theology. Its very existence is dedicated to a marxist-infused, black-centric and virulently anti-American take on Christianity.

Here is James Cone, one of the leading lights of Black Liberation Theology and a major influence on Obama's own pastor:

And here is Obama in his own words:

Obama is a bright guy, running a very slimy but effective campaign. But just as with his cozy relationship with Ayers, Rashid Khalidi, ACORN, Tony Rezko, the Democratic Socialists of America's now defunct New Party and others, this stuff clearly matters when it so obviously informs his view of America and the world. It is shameful that the media is more preoccupied with what Sarah Palin is wearing.

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