Friday, October 24, 2008

Moonbats du jour

It is a pity I can't find a picture of the blithering idiot who tried to bomb the Republican convention. Though I doubt it requires much imagination to visualize your standard-issue progressive ball of gloom and despair.

Part deux: Wacky New Yorkers living la vie boheme.

This here ... is art! And the genius who conceived this lets you participate by picking up a gun and symbolically offing Sarah Palin and her children. Pagan Power has the whole story.

Living in New York I've seen enough shiteous art to last five lifetimes. And I don't even seek it out. As a point of example, I've been to lesbian poetry slams to support a friend. I have another friend who is a well-known (in such circles) conceptual artist or performance artist depending on her inspiration. Both are likable enough weirdos I've met through work. The poetry is always full of emotional torment laced with a surface level of faux cleverness and a heavy dose of look at me! With the artist, her work is always juvenile, moronic, irony-laden and just like the poetry, a heavy dose of look at me! And hers is better than most I have been subjected to. It isn't hard to see how this same shallow-thinking therapy masquerading as art can go the extra mile into vile, violence-inciting political speech. But it isn't to be taken literally, you see. You're just dealing with emotional infants.

If you want performance art elevated to the next level, the moron bomber above is filling the same psychological needs as the subsequent and "ingenious" Palin hunter. One of the great dividing lines between left and right is that we conservative/ libertarian types have tended to see liberals as good-hearted but goofy, emotional and deeply misguided. By contrast, the left, especially progressives see us as evil. Nothing is out of bounds in the cause of destroying us or our illegitimate views. And I have to say that I am beginning to lose whatever generosity of spirit I once possessed with regard to the left. I feel a performance art piece coming on.

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