Monday, October 13, 2008

Right-wing anger? Rage? Bigotry? Fuck you, ya fuckin' fuckers!

It is hardly a new tactic, but I nonetheless find myself dumbstruck by the shameless, jaw-dropping audacity of the narrative the left has pushed and the media has latched onto about unhinged, angry Republicans being fueled by attacks on Obama by McCain and Palin. The truth is that people are rightfully angry that the media is giving the Kool-Aid-toting Obama a free ride and that McCain is not putting the screws to him with ample vigor.

As to the racial component that the left suggests is involved, that's just a case of same shit, different day. A toxic mix of white liberal guilt which sees blacks as helpless infants, progressive nutroots and a demented academic left which sees everything conservative through the filter of racism and the misery-industrial complex brought forth by the victimization pimps who pass as leadership in the black community. A symbiotic parade of shitbags if ever there was one. But the idea that a black candidate, and especially one with all the troubling ties that Obama has, should be immune to scrutiny, let alone attacks is cowardly and absurd. In the long-run it is also dangerous.

Considering this is the same campaign that earlier hurled accusations of racism at Geraldine Ferraro and Bill Clinton (a.k.a. the first black president) among others, it is pretty clear what's going on.

While I'm generally reluctant to embrace conspiracy theories, I do have my suspicions about the provenance of some of the unsavory comments which have been attributed to Republican rallies. No side has a shortage of knuckleheads. But Barack is no less appealing to Republicans than he was months ago. He's no less black either. Yet suddenly there's an uptick in ugly statements? How timely. This kind of fake grassroots behavior - astroturfing - is what Obama advisor David Axelrod does for a living. And it is one of the things which Hillary Clinton supporters have pointed to and found unforgivable about the primary. It's certainly something to think about.

I have no problem with campaigns as political war. But the notion that one side should be held to Marquess of Queensberry rules while the other is free to engage in an endless parade of overt and covert slime and dishonesty is actually more frightening than the existence of a sea of energized left-wing moonbats itself. It morphs something I find rather amusing into something more dark because it serves as a glimpse into a potential future that I want no part of. And what is truly amazing is that there has not only been a never-ending stream of vile behavior from the left throughout the campaign but, actually, for the past eight years.

I actually invest a lot of energy into making fun of the left for their hysteria so I find the lack of perspective in the media to be rather amusing. But the stakes involved are such that something I ordinarily make gleeful sport of is at the moment, rage-inducing. I have yet to see a Republican speech, from the convention on, where there weren't moonbat leftists trying to disrupt it. Does Obama encounter this? Of fucking course he doesn't.

But in a dizzying array of examples ranging from Whoopie Goldberg asking McCain if he'd bring back slavery to Charlie Rangel calling Palin mentally disabled there has been a bizarre and rather troubling lack of perspective and willfull disregard of the notion of fair play at work in the media. Obama has run the dirtiest campaign I've ever seen, albeit with all manner of plausible deniability as to where much of it has originated. How often do we hear that Bush the elder won because of a "racist" commercial which portrayed Michael Dukakis as having furloughed Willie Horton who raped and murdered a woman? Somehow it is illegitimate to point out that a man who believed in weekend furloughs for criminals serving life sentences is not a meaningful insight into the idiocy inherent in liberalism?

Every four years it is the same story. Exposing what the left is about when they are feverishly trying to tack to the center in the general election is lying. Dishonest. Whatever epithet you choose. So it appears that after years of either relying on electable DLC Democrats or being unable to ultimately deceive the mass of Americans about about a candidate's liberalism, the new tack is to call the truth a lie worth fighting against and to label mainstream Americans who would be concerned about the truth as the extremists.

Michelle Malkin is not one of my political touchstones under ordinary circumstances, but sometimes you need a swift kick in the ass in the way of a reminder as to who the enemy is. And she has assembled a rather good compendium of angry moonbats to throw back in the face of this bullshit narrative the media has been running with.

Also, have fun with this, or do a google image search for McCain and any ugly word you can think of and watch how many moonbat leftist images emerge. Not to mention this small and quickly assembled Youtube cavalcade of lefty rage:

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