Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Moonbats du jour

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

Where have we seen this before? Sprechen ze Deutsch?

Seriously, I want to vomit. And while this is simply a bunch of foolish rich people brainwashing their kinderbamas and engaging in cult-like behavior, I find myself deeply saddened that there is so much like-minded hope and cultish devotion affixed to Obama in urban neighborhoods across the country as though his election will actually make their lives any better. Hence the mass hysteria which broke out when a business-owner in heavily black Prince Georges County, Maryland put up this sign:

It is a cruel scam for people to be encouraged to invest so much hope in a man and a government.

And speaking of scams:

The Secret service, which takes such things with the utmost, almost paranoic seriousness, says that this supposed incident where a rally attendee shouted "kill him!" about Obama is a load of horse manure.

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