Thursday, October 16, 2008

More hopey changeness from the rage-free community

Rhiannon-Marie Volpe - the double-bagger pictured in a preceding post - actually contacted a conservative blogger when news of these shirts was spreading to suggest she was not a Democrat but a Libertarian. Clearly she was attempting to mitigate the damage. But as evidenced by the fact that divulging her identity led to a quick discovery of her subsequently scrubbed Obama page, she's as dim-witted as she is dishonest.

Democratic party hacks are probably no more dishonest than Republican ones, but progressives are fucking moonbats for whom the truth is an inconvenience easily dispensed with. Everything about the manner in which progressives conduct themselves, and, in fact, how Obama has, feels eerily like life behind the iron curtain. It brings to mind Vaclav Havel recounting his efforts to pierce the fog of bullshit which had enveloped Czechoslovakia. And while I couldn't give a fuck what a young twenty-something thinks about politics, let alone a nobody, methinks a gym membership and a little face work would help ease poor little Rhiannon's emotional torment more than electing the next president.

Not since Whoopie Goldberg asked John McCain if she'd be a slave if he were elected have I seen a more pathetic display of racially-centered stupidity. Or was New York Times columnist Bob Herbert's suggestion that a McCain ad used "obvious" phallic imagery to stoke racial fears after that? Who am I kidding? There is, at this point, a thousand-way tie for first place in the racial grievance assclown bake-off.

The irony is that I have a rather dopey liberal haze about racial matters. Just tonight I ripped the Pakistani who owns the liquor store on my block because he'd locked up the store to take a dump and made his black assistant wait outside on the sidewalk. Truth is the guy always gives work to people who look like good-natured crackheads and they've stolen from him repeatedly. So he is rightfully paranoid. Still, it was an affront to this man's dignity and I felt the need to speak up. Just as I have on the many occasions when a taxi has passed a waiting black person by to pull up beside me. That blacks are notoriously shitty tippers is hardly the world's best-kept secret, but I simply refuse to be the beneficiary of that calculus at another individual's expense.

Yet I wonder.

Is there a point at which the left's barking at race phantoms like Scooby Doo on acid will cause my generosity of spirit to dissipate? It is already a struggle to see why Obama's racist, marxist preacher of twenty years - he of the $2 million house - is off the table in a campaign featuring a man with so little track record. Ditto the ACORN stuff, his other associations and the truth about the financial crisis. For millions of Americans to be told that they are angry bigots due to convictions, sincerely held, which have nothing to do with race at all is a little hard to stomach. Race is being used both as a weapon and a shield and it is severely putting millions of peoples' sense of fair play to the test.

Where will this all lead? I can't say for sure but at a moment where up is apparently down and the sky is purple, it is hard to see how this will lead us as a nation anywhere good.

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