Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the plumber

Not a big fan of political sideshows but the left is already calling this guy a racist for likening Obama's "tap dancing" in the debate to Sammy Davis Junior! Tap dancing is a perfectly reasonable metaphor so we'll have to see how far they push this assininity. One thing for certain is that I can hear the media snapping the gloves on already and ol' Joe's life is gonna get a more thorough proctology exam than the Democrat contender for president has. Nevermind the fact that this came about because Obama said something to him which was simultaneously stupid, revealing and unhelpful to his cause.

Update: And to think I was semi-kidding when I said this guy would be torn a new asshole by the media. Considering this is a guy who (according to the Toledo Blade) was just playing football in his yard with his son when Obama made an unscheduled stop to do some door to door campaigning in the neighborhood and Joe Wurzelbacher was captured on camera asking Obama a simple question about taxes, this is beyond fucking bizarre. The thing the left doesn't get and the average moron journalism major in the media has no capacity to understand is that peoples' income levels are not static over a lifetime. And that people do not necessarily begrudge people who make more money because they aspire to, and in many instances succeed in, ultimately making more themselves. The media and nutroots lefties have gone to absurd lengths to "destroy" him already, merely for the sin of expressing the concern that Obama's tax plan would hurt his ability to build a business he's planning. Even Obama himself has gotten in on it:

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