Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama's Marxist gibberish is 'almost' funny at this point

In the real world this radio interview Obama gave in '01 would send shivers down most peoples' spines. In some circles I'd picture mass projectile vomiting like the pie eating contest scene in the movie Stand By Me, though I myself merely gagged, retched and threw up in my mouth. And in the real world it would be yet another proclamation of unelectability from Obama that simply could not be ignored by the media.

But we are living in bizarro world. Yes, where unicorn farts smell like lavender, squirrels speak multiple languages, dicks can actually suck themselves and Obama is a run of the mill Democrat whose fringe nut associations and his own convictions don't matter.

Bizarro world. Where the media relentlessly attacks a plumber because he got more frankness regarding Obama's socialist bent out of him than they've wanted or been able to get themselves in however many months.

Bizarro world, where Brian Williams isn't a college dropout, Campbell Brown didn't go to a retarded rich girl's college and Charlie Gibson wasn't rejected by every law school on earth at a time when being rich and well-born made that damn nigh impossible.

Bizarro world. A place where, as I type this, Kate Beckinsale and Adriana Lima are in a fist fight in my bedroom over who'll get to lick my balls while the other one fixes me dinner.

Bizarro world, where the media obsesses over Sarah Palin - who shops at fucking second hand stores in real life - and the rest of her middle-class family because they had $150K worth of clothing and accessories bought for them to wear during the campaign by the RNC. The world where these same assholes obsessed over her meager per diems when she worked from home instead of the governor's mansion 800 miles away yet didn't bother mentioning that among other things she got rid of the governor's private jet and personal chef as extravagances unfair to the taxpayers.

Bizarro world, that magical place where the New York Times intimates on page one that McCain had an affair with a lobbyist in spite of no evidence, Palin is in a scandal for trying to get a cop fired who threatened her family and tasered his step-son and few are troubled that $100+ million in an educational foundation Obama administered went down a rathole of subversive left wing pet projects.

But I digress.

Because in bizarro world it is okay to ram a giant ceramic cock into barnyard animals' assholes, pilot commercial airliners full of small children while loopy on crack and visit senior centers in your underwear and giggle and bark like a dog to scare the old bats who are trying to watch reruns of Murder, She Wrote.

Those things must all be okay in bizarro world, and not simply a figment of my perverse and uncouth imagination. Because how else does one explain the media's lack of concern or curiosity about Obama's obvious dishonesty regarding his relationship with the leader of this extremely demented blight on humanity?

I probably should have actually commented on the Obama interview at the top of the post. But truthfully it speaks for itself. You either agree with what he says, are too batshit crazy and Kool Aid addled to care about what he's saying or you're girding your loins for the longest four years of your life.

Me? I'm just wondering aloud what exactly the trillions of dollars of social spending since the Great Society were if not reparations, or in the very least, redistribution of wealth to that end. And I'm wondering who has the gun at kids' heads to keep them from studying. I'm wondering how he got into Columbia, or Harvard, when in spite of not releasing his transcripts we know for certain he never made honors. I'm wondering why he thinks it is that he's protected from an excess of critical thinking.

I'm wondering why it is that the principal determinants of poverty in this country aren't racial but single parenthood and the age at which one has children. Because the devastation these things have wrought on the black community are as undeniable as is the fact that they are a modern development which tracks seemlessly with the roll-out of social programs he celebrates.

And I'm wondering how he spent 20-plus years in a church that espouses Black Liberation Theology which has as a primary tenet a rejection of [white] middle-classness. I guess that means stay poor and hope to get rich but steer clear of the unsightly middle. And unless that is a grand concept my small brain is unable to fathom, it sounds a whole fucking lot like something one should be eaten alive by rats for pushing on anyone poor.

And that's about all I have to say to this rather obvious example of a white-raised-guilt-ridden pimp daddy for the Misery-Industrial Complex.

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