Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shockingly shocking shocker: Colin Powell endorses hopey changeness!

I won't get into his motivations and whether they are borne of political conviction or pigment-based pimping of the lamest order. He was never really thought of in conservative circles as anything more than a squishy opportunistic Republican. Its not even surprising that the same left and media that wanted this guy's head on a pike will now trot him around in a rickshaw. [Just googling to find a Powell pic for this post it was hard to miss old left-wing images portraying him as everything from a Nazi to a monkey]

No. What is creepy is that Colin Powell will now replace - of all people - John McCain himself as the media's favorite squishy conservative. If four years ago you had wedged your head up the ass of a barnyard animal and remained there until this summer you'd be surprised to discover that McCain is a crazed right-wing anger nut representing the forces of darkness. He was the Colin Powell of the last election cycle. The one who - because of his mavericky goodness - the giddy whispers on the left were all about. Would he switch to the Democrat Party? Would he endorse Kerry? Fuck, would he be Kerry's running mate? Ha! But of course he didn't stand in the way of the annointed back then.

I find it remarkable that Powell perceives Obama to be a transformational figure. There is only one respect in which I might concede that such a characterization is justified. The loony left and the nut fringe right have long had in common a belief that the two major parties are one and the same. It partly explains why enough moonbats voted for Nader in '00 to keep Gore from winning Florida. But even farther on the fringes you have people who simply don't bother voting at all.

There is a palpable difference, of course. Fringe nut right wingers come from the lower elements of society whereas the permanent protest class loony fringe left features innumerable people culled from the ranks of the educated. Tenured professors. Bored rich kids who can't get over their parents' divorce when they were 12. Morons in Hollywood. Sensitive rock bands. Red diaper babies. The shy, fat, ugly girl in your high school honors classes who is still mad as hell because nobody in school gave a shit about her SAT scores.

But guess what? Every last nutbag who hates America, hates middle-classness, hates our economic system and hates people who are resillient, happy and proud of those things has been inspired and energized by Obama. They see part of themselves in him. So every Socialist-Maoist-Stalinist-Wahabbist-Anarchist-Satanist-ArchVeganEcoTerrorist-Bolivarian creep and degenerate within our borders is doing the happy dance.

And if you want to ring the warning bell for the big-belt-buckled Idaho Militia kooks and angry white men who live with mom at age 50 and think brown people are the reason their lives are comical and miserable failures, well, let's just say that the Obama campaign's brand of "inclusion" has tingled their tin-foil-lined hats into believing McCain is a "left-winger" worth fighting for.

Aren't we all so lucky to have such a special being running for president.

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