Saturday, October 11, 2008

Smarmy Obama fanboy shows McCain supporters how dum they is

Michael Moore is a lot of things [fat, slovenly, dishonest, manipulative, rich] but he isn't stupid. It isn't entirely clear to me if he exploits the standard-issue lefty's embrace of emotionally-satisfying poetic "truths" at the expense of literal ones or if he simply doesn't know the difference. But in his work the gaps are always in cynical distortion, omission, presentation or other goodies in the propagandist's bag of tricks.

In this video we have an example of a self-satisfied lefty who starts with the premise that he is smarter than his subjects and ends up as a cautionary tale about the dangers of a moron injecting himself into a propaganda effort. While "Roger and Me" was a fraud because he could have seen the GM chairman, this clown's effort is a fraud because he's palpably dumber than his subjects.

Rule of thumb: Don't ask McCain supporters if they think Obama is a terrorist and when they respond that he consorts with a domestic one try to show how stupid and hypocritical they are by asking why McCain would be on the same stage as Obama for a debate. That may score points on the Moore-scale of emotionally satisfying poetic truths - ha! they think Obama's a terrorist - but anyone else watching it is not going to take away from it what this clown thinks they are. Leave this shit to professionals, especially when your off-camera voice makes you sound like a swishy little bitch boy.

Second rule of thumb: Don't get in a black man's face and ask him why the hell he's supporting McCain. He was most likely in the military and knows a dozen ways to kill you with a tube sock and a wad of chewing gum.

UPDATE: Turns out that among other, things the creator of the video is a convicted sex offender!

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