Saturday, October 11, 2008

William Ayers: Just some guy from my neighborhood

While I was very familiar with the Weather Underground and the other violent leftist groups that were spawned in the late sixties (but lived on into the 80's), it wasn't until 9/11/2001 that William Ayers in particular was to be forever seared into my consciousness.

You'd think the memory of watching the towers collapse and all the chaos and hell it unleashed here in NYC would wipe out everything else about that day. But we don't choose our memories, and what is also etched in my brain from 9/11 is what an uncommonly beautiful day it was - in juxtaposition with the fear, confusion and rage we all felt - and an interview I'd read in the New York Times that morning with Ayers - promoting a memoir - who expressed no regret for anything he'd done. And wished he'd done more.

It is emblematic of the cultural sickness and depravity among mainstream liberals that radical leftist degenerates such as Billy - more fitting than "William" since he thinks and dresses like an adolescent - and his whack job wife Bernardine Dohrn even have a place at the table in polite society. Yet both are college professors now. And in spite of a dearth of wisdom, no discernible personal growth and no alterations in their belief systems whatsoever, normal people are supposed to be accepting of them as anything other than nutbags and terrorists? Fuck that. They are not ex-radicals. They're still revolutionary marxists devoted to the destruction of the capitalist system and America as we know it even if their weapon of choice is fucking with our education system rather than physically blowing things up.

And fuck the notion that tying Obama to them is guilt by association. Nobody worthy of being President of the United States would have a relationship with people like this. When this issue was briefly raised in the Democratic primary he brushed it aside as just a guy from his neighborhood and while Hillary Clinton wasn't buying it the media let it go like the boot-licking fanboys they are. But Obama and his campaign have lied a dozen different ways since in minimizing their relationship and it is because they know damn well that while this may be no big deal in liberal circles or a Democratic primary, normal Americans will be deeply troubled by it.

It is part of a pattern with this messianic ass clown. I've never been one to get all hot and bothered about conspiracies and political intrigue, but when you have a politician with no accomplishments, a vague history which allies of his have gone to great pains to hide or scrub, a comatose media which is too enthralled to call him on his dishonesty and an army of creepy left-wing moonbats willing to do his bidding with a win at all costs ethos then bringing to the fore his associations like Ayers becomes pretty goddamn relevant.

In August Stanley Kurtz inquired with the University of Illinois-Chicago library about looking at the files from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. The $100 million+ educational foundation which Obama and Ayers served on. He was initially granted permission and then an Obama ally got wind of it and the library was pressured to deny Kurtz access. After outside pressure was brought to bear they relented. The drama caught the attention of radio host Milt Rosenberg of WGN's extension 720 and he invited Kurtz and an Obama campaign official on to discuss Ayers and their work together.

The Obama campaign refused, but not before unleashing a hornet's nest of moonbats to try and intimidate the station out of airing Kurtz and semi-literate callers reading off robotic talking points to sabotage the program. It is a very creepy hour of radio

Kurtz has not been alone in pursuing this story. On this for as long or longer has been left-wing law professor Steve Diamond who has somewhat different concerns about the Obama-Ayers relationship but is equally dogged in fleshing it out. His Global Labor blog is a treasure trove of information on their troubling relationship.

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