Friday, October 31, 2008

White man's greed runs a world in need

Yes, boys and girls. It's time for a tour of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's new home! It certainly pays to preach Marxist-infused Black Liberation Theology. And now we can fully understand what the reverend meant in pushing on his largely poor congregants the idea of rejecting middle-classness. Two car garages and Pottery Barn are indeed for douchebags. Better to bide one's time in squalor and wait for the money fairy to deliver riches under your pillow.

When the good reverend speaks of rejecting middle class life I'm sure he has people like Barack's half-brother in mind. Ol' George Obama kicks it in a chill crib, um, hut, outside Nairobi, Kenya these days. He's theologically liberated [and black] on about a dollar a day in income. Also liberated from the dull sting of middle-class existence is Barack's Aunt Zeituni. She rocks a bitchin' pad in a South Boston housing project and has a choice six hour a week job.

Barack has learned well from the rev, as he's done his best to spare relatives the indignity of modest comfort. Surely the closest there is to godliness is Salvation Army furnishings and public transportation. At least until such time as the good lord bestows upon you a multitude of high end hybrid vehicles and mid-century modern furniture with assorted Nubian nicknacks and whatchamabobs to round out a stylish look.

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