Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Schumer compares talk radio to porn

As is befitting a bunch of infantile closet totalitarians, there is a growing drumbeat on the left to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. In typical idiot lawyer/political hack fashion, Chuckie Schumer compares this to the right's efforts to keep pornography off the air and suggests they're hypocrites for opposing state intervention on one and supporting the other.

But regardless of how ridiculous it is for the government to dictate political content on broadcast outlets, the truth is that Fox News and various conservative radio hosts are big because people watch and listen, not simply because they are there. So while my gut reaction is that this is stupid, a part of me chuckles at the prospect of NPR, PBS, Pacifica Radio, minority broadcast outlets, CNN, MSNBC and the networks being required to significantly increase their non-existent conservative presence.

Naturally the left isn't interested in that. Balance, after all, is just left-wing fog of bullshit-speak for stifling speech they don't like. And I really think that rather than engaging in a chorus of fear-laden outrage, conservatives need to loudly mock this and stop playing the game on the left's turf. I mean, tell us in the grand scheme - absent of ideology - what constitutes unfairness as a matter of fact?

I would have given my left nut to see McCain - just once during a debate - turn to Obama and say "I'll gladly yield my time to the freshman senator if he will explain exactly what failed economic policies of the last eight years he is referring to." He would not have been able to do so because it is oft-repeated prattle devoid of substantive truth. The Fairness Doctrine is encased in the same kind of pillow-biter douchebaggery.

There is no calculus in assessing the media as a whole in which the left's complaints can stand the light of day and any stabs at evidence gathering would reveal that a revived Fairness Doctrine meant as anything other than a fascist attempt to suppress differing viewpoints would accrue to the Republicans' benefit. Bring it on biatch.

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