Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The people have chosen their beverage

The voters have spoken, and they want hopeychangeness.

The grumpy gimpy geezer and the bespectacled moose-murderess can now ride off into the sunset and ban books or whatever it is warmongers and Jesus freaks do when the sunny uplands of history beckon a messiah to lead us out of the wilderness.

Of course, now the lightworker must lead, something he has as yet shown no capacity for. He must make bold decisions and difficult choices, something which, again, he has not demonstrated a stomach for. And he must deliver. Because Kool Aid tastes better when served as a abstraction.

Probably the most perverse thing about this election is that his competence and efficacy as a president will quite literally depend upon abandoning many of his stated positions. This, of course, includes stated positions which he has then lied about when called on them, but also a great many which were at the core of his appeal to the moonbat left. This will be a simultaneously entertaining and unnerving spectacle. Gird your loins.

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