Thursday, November 20, 2008

CNN officially jumps the shark

What do a drawing made by a politician with too much free time on his hands and a sheet of paper containing notes from a campaign brainstorming session have in common? Well, if you're a Rhodes Scholar, a high school dropout or a vaguely attentive tropical fish then the obvious answer is not a fucking thing. But an intrepid reporter/enterprising moron at CNN named Jeanne Moos thought the two things were so much alike that it merited analyzing what each suggested about its author.

One of these days I'll get around to a fully-formed opinion about Sarah Palin. Thus far I've been too busy feeling protective in light of the nakedly obvious malice, bad faith, dishonesty and abject buffoonery which has characterized her coverage by most of the media. And the contrast with the sycophancy that has enveloped Obama has made it all the more nauseating. Both have been the object of creepy media obsessions and this quirky and ostensibly innocuous story thus becomes a classic summation of everything vile that has transpired.

This is a doodle.

This is a page of campaign brainstorming ideas.

This is a page of campaign brainstorming ideas and doodles.

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