Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When the media chooses our president

The left has long been successful at pushing bullshit narratives - that McCain supporters think Obama is a terrorist for instance - because the truth is less important to them than what is emotionally satisfying. They never lose because they were exposed and rejected, only cheating or dishonesty can lead to their demise. And the media eats it up like the two-dollar whores that they are.

It is about time that Republicans started pushing back, especially when the evidence of media bias is as overwhelming as it has been in this election cycle. This video and the documentary in the works is but a goat fart in remotest Waziristan, but it is an example of the sort of thing that's needed. Not the least of the reasons is that the left is in overdrive attempting to play this election off as a thoughtful, carefully considered move to the left by the American public.

The video and companion poll released by Zogby have yielded a rather predictable torrent of outrage among left-wingers. From racial bean counting about the interview subjects to ludicrous accusations that the questions are biased they've attacked it from every angle in their tedious playbook.

But here's a little news flash. I'm in New York City. My vote counts for nothing. Attempting to sway others here is as pointless as being frank about my opinions can be socially perilous, so I devote my efforts to fleshing out how idiotic people are. Just like fat kids make jokes as a defense mechanism and ugly teenage girls get bitchy, I play the role of the well-informed but non-political person.

I've found that when someone makes a political comment on the assumption that I'm a fellow lefty, all I have to do is respond with something to the effect that the two parties are like Pepsi and Diet Pepsi, and that none of this stuff makes any difference. It reveals you to be a thinker, but a non-threatening one. Sort of like a Red Sox fan arguing with a Yankee fan while posing as a St. Louis Cardinals fan who just knows a lot about baseball.

The above probably sounds idiotic, but if I'm forced to discuss politics with liberals I don't know very well it is the only way I've found to amuse myself. Rather than suffer their rage or defensiveness I get to see under their hood and use being better informed as a knife for gutting while also maintaining an above the fray posture so I get to enjoy their pathetic attempts at salesmanship rather than suffer their bile.

During this election all these discussions have been sobering. And I'm not talking about random dillholes in a video but people I know to be rather sophisticated who en masse have chosen to carve their initials in the idiot tree. They don't get that the New York Times has crossed the threshold from being liberal to full blown advocacy. And why would they? All the other outlets they avail themselves of were marching to an identical tune. If the media was able to render Obama supporters who possess a degree of political awareness so utterly clueless it is rather unnerving to contemplate their effect on those who do not.

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