Sunday, December 13, 2009

Organic, free-range.

Lefties are such sheep that they can be persuaded that roughly half the nation is brainwashed by FOX News - which gets a whole couple of million viewers a night. They're such sheep that when a lefty discovers that I'm, uh, not one, I could hold both ends of the subsequent conversation because I've already seen the cartoon that runs in their heads so many times I've lost count. That they have the temerity to routinely suggest that wingers are sheep can best be explained by section 8 of the above butcher's diagram, though a few others are suitable as well. That's about all I can muster about lefties at the moment, but I could go on all day about sheep. Continue reading +/-

Q: Why do Scottish men wear kilts?
A: So sheep can't hear them pulling down their zippers.

A G F G A A A G G G A C C A G F G A A A G G A G F = Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Sheep are not as inherently funny as goats, but they taste better in stew. And goat chops with mint jelly sounds like something you'd only eat on a dare.

This is the second post in a row referencing sex with barnyard animals.

You're welcome.

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