Thursday, December 17, 2009


I love the pinko public option ad that some group just released. The quote isn't from Jefferson, for starters. Then there's the creepy notion that Washington is the beating heart of America from which life is sustained. If we were dealing with normal people I'd say that someone must have been beaten into a coma with an idiot stick to think this ad is anything but vapidness defined. But it isn't about persuasion with moonbats, it's a love note to themselves. A proclamation of their moral superiority. It serves about the same purpose as chanting in papier mache masks while some douchebag bangs a drum. The image is quite arresting, so I couldn't resist immediately whipping out a quick parody ad of my own which puts it to more appropriate use. [Note: Someone else had the same basic idea. This Cthulhu critter seems even more fitting.]

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