Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mischief, bookstore style.

Leaving surprises in leftist books. Capitalism is just so darned unseemly. The capital. The ism. Free markets, enslaved minds. Stop me before I projectile vomit. Being stripped of the profit motive is unbelievably liberating though. What could possibly be more noble than voluntarism in the form of leaving love notes to lefty book lovers who can learn the value of money by discovering after the fact that the book they purchased is soiled by wingnuttia! And wouldn't it be cute to be a fly on the wall when Johnny Moonbat returns to voice his protest to the nose-ringed, zit-faced clerktool who quietly judged you while ringing up whatever winger tome you last bought? Then again, the great thing about mischief is that you don't need to see the result. Theater of the mind is its own reward.

If putting stickers inside a few books in a store is a tad on the nutty side for a winger's stomach, you can always do the same thing by inserting the "message" on a small sheet of paper, I suppose. It's less evil and less apt to leave a mark, but it ain't like I've stuck things of either variety in books myself. The task I've assigned myself is to simply throw out every last thing that pops into my head and makes me laugh. And the thought of a lefty happening upon something like this is nothing short of hilarious.

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