Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A moonbat factory tour.

I don't remember why I found myself at their Wiki page, but I couldn't be happier that I did. It was like setting foot on a planet where society doesn't need any productive members but endures on rage and masturbatorial weeping. Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington is rather renowned for its overabundance of far left nut jobs. Sort of like Oberlin College on the weirdo scale I suppose, only at dear old Evergreen the quirkiness of the student body is trumped by their unambiguous stupidity. This is, after all, the college that produced failed physics student Rachel Corrie and once bestowed on Mumia Abu-Jamal the honor to be their commencement speaker.

Looking over their list of "notable" alumni* really drove home the capacity for delusions among leftists. As embarrassing as it is that a presumably school-monitored list includes criminals and activists among their notable alumni categories, even more absurd, if not atypical of the left, was choosing to include a murderer and a convicted arsonist in the activist category! Just another bread crumb on the mind trail of people who find something huggable about leftist totalitarian thugs.

I took the first screen shot below yesterday, and amusingly enough some anonymous winger person updated it today to place the criminals in their proper category. (S)he also added a few more felons to the list who'd been deprived of their rightful place among the ranks of distinguished alumni. In a sane world the arsonists would have all the meaningful work they could handle without venturing outside the campus. But in the world which actually exists Evergreen will continue to breed and let loose an army of termites into the world.

Evergreen State College. We came as morons, we left as morons. But with 50% more rage!

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* I will give the school credit for producing Matt Groening. And Sleater-Kinney:

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