Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's art. I say so.

I was looking through a web gallery of wall graffiti a few weeks ago and one image literally stopped me in my tracks. I wasn't taken by its beauty or inventiveness though. Rather, it was an image which bore an uncanny resemblance to the shrilltard freakshow of unintentional feminist comedy Amanda Marcotte! Though I suppose it could also be the round and chinless face of Mrs. Potato Head were there not an Emo Phillips hairdo involved. And when, a few images later, I happened upon a punk rocker aimlessly urinating, it seemed the least I could do was add purpose to the young lad's existence.

I'm sure there's a parallel universe where my NEA grant is in the mail. But in the here and now employing a thematically incorrect urine stream is just something the patriarchy does on its own time to keep womynses like Amynda (flat-chested, homely and) stuck baking pies when she could be honing her critical thinking skillz. Who are you to judge me or my art!

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