Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everyone Draw Mohammed Day

There was a moment after artist Molly Norris backed away from her proposed "Everyone Draw Mohammed Day" when it really seemed like all was lost in the cause of standing up to Islamic thuggery. A steady stream of cowardice ranging from the feckless Yale University Press to spineless Comedy Central made courage which spanned the life cycle of a mayfly look less like the clumsy birth of a movement than it did freedom's pathetic last gasp.

But before going further some untangling is in order.

Surely everyone is aware that conservatives are paranoid, hateful, xenophobic fear-mongers with a propensity for violence. It's been mentioned on network TV on occasion and fat-fingered former theater critic Frank Rich says so in the New York Times. Conservatives are knuckle-dragging spittle-flecked retards in last year's clothing. They're liars who lie for lucre and lead a flock of mindless sheep into the bowels of delusion. They're backwards enough to believe in God and sufficiently blank and repressed to buy into the antiquated tenets of Christianity without question. They're anti-brown people. Anti-vagina people. Pro-fatty foods. Judgmental. Bloodthirsty. And above all else they're angry because the rest of Americans have evolved.

They're too stupid to believe in evolution too.

They're mocked and reviled and taunted from the commanding heights of the mainstream media and popular culture on down. Even the president calls them Teabaggers. And while the point could have been made in far fewer words, how else do you replicate the incessant barrage which emanates from the same quarters where people still giggle over Palin jokes like special needs children entertained by their flatulence? And, more importantly, how does one reconcile the obsessive amount of taunting directed at Americans they characterize as stupid, unhinged, dangerous and consumed by irrationality with their rhetorical cowardice when dealing with Muslims?

You'd be forgiven for thinking it's a reflection of their stupidity that they freely characterize conservatives in a manner which is wholly fabrication while fearing the wrath of Islamists for merely telling the truth about them. When you have billionaire asslown cum Nannymayor Michael Bloomberg suggesting someone opposed to healthcare reform could have left the failed car bomb in Times Square and MSNBC jabbering idiot Contessa Brewer confessing in the aftermath that she rather wished it had been the case - because the fact that it was a Muslim will inspire "more" bigotry - you're faced with people so tangled in their own platitudes that they couldn't grasp reality if it was wearing a strap-on and playing sphincter hockey on their backsides.

It can seem bizarrely, brazenly incongruous - this penchant for attacking domestic opposition and appeasing Islamists all the while suggesting they're cut from the same cloth. It's hard to fathom the process that leads to orgasmic glee when the opportunity presents itself to make contrived or wholly imagined connections between a misdeed and the right - while obvious acts of Islamic terror call for exhausting all possibilities and minimizing reality. And the subtext, always, fear of some imaginary backlash against innocent muslims by the crazy right. It's all self-evidently illogical and typified by how this whole narrative emboldened the left's attacks on Bush's prosecution of the war on terror until such time as Obama kept everything in place and upped the ante with a more vigorous employment of predator drones.

But logic has nothing to do with any of this. While they flatter themselves as essentially being the forces of rationality caught in the middle of what amounts to a "religious" war, progressivism is a competing (faith-based) religion. And because they see their primary competition and enemy as being domestic conservatives, they view Islamism through the prism of their cartoon version of the American right. They must. As mentioned, it aided their domestic narrative to paint the GWOT as the mindless handiwork of paranoid, xenophobic and belligerent cowboys devoid of rationality until such time as they had the burden of leadership.

The narrative persists. But so does the threat. So however much the left is tangled in their spider web of bullshit, they're at least on board with the reality that while they can persist in their clown shoes rhetoric about paranoid and belligerent wingers, their domestic agenda is finished should Islamists strike an America where Obama and his acolytes' hollow posturing is accompanied by an anti-terror policy of proggies diddling with their vaginas. So there's a sliver of logic amidst the perverse contortions - that inconvenient rubber meets the road thing which so taunts the platitudinous lefty vomit that would otherwise emanate from the likes of Comedy Central and the Yale Press were they insulting groups less apt to kill them.

The common thread for the left in all this, however, is not reason or nuance; neither a grasp of complexity nor the living equivalent of such in the form of an elaborate chess game. Just cowardice. Plain and simple. A fear of Islamists whom they hope to wish away with asspuckered rhetoric and appeasement. A fear, domestically, of honest policy debate and where that would net out in terms of the expressed will of the American people. In that way they're more like Islamists than they are different, only in a drastically less testosterone-fueled milieu favored by bitchy women and effeminate men.

Maybe Molly Norris is the William Wallace of the progressive left after all.
While progressives in the media, academia and the political class are persistent bed wetters with regard to their public utterances about Islamists, a friend's recent trek through the left-wing neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn revealed that perhaps I'm being too hard on them. There is an undercurrent of defiant blasphemy and it seems to be spreading in progressive communities across the country. Hipster infidels thumbing their noses at the Muslim world. Beta males and weepy emo girls by day. Fatwa bait by night. Maybe the nuances of leftism are just too much for my small brain to sort through after all. I mean, I would never insult the prophet and risk death by Islamists myself. But well done with the blasphemy, Williamsburg! Ditto Berkeley and San Francisco! May you be spared Allah's wrath.

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