Monday, May 17, 2010

Graffiti in Pinkoland

I write a lot about guerilla tactics and getting in the heads of the left here because it's a subject that amuses me. I wish I had the time to do it for real, or was part of a secret society of winger ninjas that plastered lefty enclaves late at night. But, alas, the best I can do is serve as an instigator.

The posters above are just goofy. I do like the implied violence of the Reagan ones (though the writing on them reflects two minutes of thought). Who better to go all ironic on than the kind of idiots who smear hard-working tax payers as potentially violent for being concerned about the growth of government as a matter of course? If they took the posters as a threat, hilarious. If they knew they were being mocked, even better. But either way they'd be received like a urine-soaked bum with a ukelele who ambled into a formal French restaurant. They'd frantically tear them down and spread outraged cell phone pictures across the nutrootosphere. And then it would be time to do it again with different messages. over and over, like bird droppings on a statue.

So, I beseech you to form your own secret societies of wingnut mayhem purveyors and shit where they eat. It isn't like inventing the wheel since the left has been doing these things forever. They generally shit where they eat too - a rather brilliant way to render such efforts hilariously pointless. But they have perfected the arts and crafts aspects of it:

Here's a program which enables one to print out large posters in smaller sections which can then be pasted together. And this is a forum where you can learn to ply your trade as a covert artsy fartsy misbehaviorist. The web is full of resources for the taking. The accumulated wisdom of the left's dissent industry is like a rope to hang them with. And the revolution will not be televised, or something.

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