Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A New California Flag (For Sane People).

The California Republic flag really conjures up a different time/lost era. Even when I was a kid, the notion of The West in this country was a markedly different, last frontier, rugged individualist one. But at the forefront of sucking the last gasp of life out of all that are Californians, be they current residents or transplants who've taken their foolishness throughout the West in an effort to mindlessly spread it like Cancer. I kind of miss "the idea of California," but this ain't my fight - until they go broke and the rest of us are expected to bail them out, anyway. These items are for Californians who are sick to death of what their state has become, and for residents of other states who are sick to death of Californians who are so sick of what California has become that they move to another state and try to turn it into the state they just left. This one comes in light colored shirts, trucker hats and car stickers. I also made a coffee mug and a frosted glass mug for no other reason than it looks kind of cool.

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