Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obama fucks America.

This is by far my favorite image of the ones that I've made - simple and pointed. But it's also the one that I can most easily see conservatives in general having difficulty with wearing. It's not family-friendly, and it's not something that you'd exactly wear to the office either. It's more of a straight-up protest shirt, though I'm not gonna complain if anyone chooses to wear it elsewhere. This is, after all, something that the left would have no trouble wearing if the situation were reversed, and that is who we're in battle with. So whatever squeamishness you might feel has got to be mitigated by how upsetting it will be to any lefties you come across. That's why I have one, anyway. There are a few more versions on the way, but to start off with, the black shirt looks great. There's also a white version, as well as a few buttons and a sticker design.

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  1. i have an important message to you from the internet: http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/obama+gives+no+fucks_89cefd_3534533.jpg


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