Thursday, August 30, 2012

Barack Obama's Infantile Leftism, As Communicated By An Infant Barack Obama.

It's hard to know where to stop when you task yourself with making shirts that underscore how painfully juvenile Obama's leftism is. I could have made a hundred of these, but settled on four and opted for a mixture of irony and over the top frivolousness. The constitution shirt somewhat embodies his dopey and un-American fondness for ignoring laws which he doesn't like, be that the work requirement for welfare recipients or the nation's immigration laws.

Then there's Obama's War on the Rich - or, as I prefer to characterize them, the successful - which is perhaps best embodied in his notion that business owners didn't build their own businesses.

He perceives fossil fuels as the ultimate evil. Mind you, not evil enough to preclude him from providing countries like Brazil with funds to further develop their oil resources, just too evil for increasingly less prosperous America. For us, he finds it preferable to flush billions of dollars down the toilet on idiotic political crony windmill ventures like Solyndra. What a leader!

And last, but most certainly not least, is his contempt for rural voters who he sees as a bloc which is (one of the many who are) an obstacle to his agenda. The sillyheads cling to their guns and their religion like the ignorant bitter clingers they are, with no idea that they're voting against their self-interest.

There you have it. Four distinct ways to give both Obama and his supporters the finger and amuse your conservative friends at the same time. Constitution Shirt. Anti-Success Shirt. Anti-Fossil Fuel Shirt. Anti-Rural Voter Shirt.

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