Sunday, August 19, 2012

Obama: When Not A Danger To The Constitution, He's A Danger To Everything Else.

The above images are on separate shirts, of course, but they do kind of offer a summation of Obama's vileness when paired together here. On the first, well, it's hard not to see a poisonous leadership-deficient jackass who attacks any individual or group who he perceives as an obstacle to his agenda.

Hard not to see, that is, if you're not among the millions he has cast a spell on. This would be best typified by the bleating morons who seem to faint at every one of his teleprompter-dependent speaking engagements. But whether we're talking about those small-brained sillyheads who think Barack is gonna make their car payments, or the more benignly delusional - but more nefarious - lefties in the media who endeavor to bury anything which reflects poorly on him, the operative word is delusional. Both the Obama is poison and psychotic delusions tees come in a variety of colors.

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