Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A few more bumper stickers mocking Elizabeth Warren, because it's fun and she sucks.

I'm partial to calling her Fauxcahontas. Others refer to her as Lie-awatha. But whatever one chooses to call Warren, it nets out at fraud. The fact that this phony Cherokee is still in the race at all is testimony to how out to lunch my father's home state of Massachusetts still is. And whatever hope there was that the bloated corpse of Teddy Kennedy would finally restore them to some measure of sanity is, well, the jury is still out. Returning Scott Brown to the senate would at least be a positive sign.

The top one just plays on the absurdist parallel of a guy named Brown running against a fake indian.

The middle one is kind of a simple play on film marketing. In a few short words it gets her name in, makes fun of her fake Cherokee heritage and ties it into the election and the car owner's hoped for outcome.

The bottom bumper sticker is for Todd Akin and supporters of his Missouri senate campaign. I kind of feel sorry for the guy, and it can't hurt for Missourians to be reminded that his opponent, Claire McCaskill, is a brain dead loser who doesn't in any way reflect their values or wishes.

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