Thursday, September 27, 2012

Barack Obama and other left wingers hate the First Amendment when it doesn't serve them.

Barack Obama Fucks America. Black Shirt. White Shirt. Button. Stickers.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on our embassy in Libya - as well as the rioting throughout the Middle East - the prevailing wisdom on the left has been that freedom of speech is overrated, and that there should be laws preventing blasphemous "hate" speech. This is quite odd coming from a leftist ideology which makes recreational sport out of ridiculing Christians as well as the Judeo-Christian ethos which built the modern world, but what's a crucifix in a jar of urine or forcing religious denominations to act against their teachings by providing birth control pills when you know that none of these people will kill you? Rather, we should chip away at the bedrock of our superior in every conceivable way civilization so as to be sharia compliant. These people aren't liberal in any sense of the word. And, as suggested by the above shirt design, it is beyond fucking imperative that we forcefully fight such stupidity, and also run this clown out of office in November.

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