Friday, September 7, 2012

Random Anti-Obama Bumper Stickers.

I didn't know how to group these bumper stickers. The top and bottom ones are straight-forward punches in the mouth, whereas the middle two are Kind of "inside baseball."

Nothing personal against Scarlett Johansson, - she has a lovely, above-average rack and a standard room-temperature Hollywood IQ - I just find that the juxtaposition of Obama being a reflexive hard left ideologue - as evidenced by his disrespect to our oldest and staunchest ally, Britain - with his vapid celebrity interactions kind of defines who he is as president.

Likewise his ever-expanding enemies list. How a man who so fancies himself to be a beloved deity can be so deeply invested in destroying anyone who opposes him is beyond me. Well, it isn't, really. I just felt like being faux-indignant for a moment. But if he wants to get his Nixon - who at least had justification after the 1960 presidency was stolen from him - paranoia on, the least I can do is delight in the incompetence of government bureaucrats who endeavor to aid him in it.

He plays an obscene amount of golf, and when he isn't authorizing predator drone strikes in sovereign nations, he's been know to collect an inexplicable prize or two. Probably not the most idiotic Nobel Peace Prize that's ever been awarded, but that's not any kind of praise. The bumper stickers are located at: Honk If You Support Obama. Winston Churchill's Bust. Obama's Enemies List. Nobel Golf Prize.

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  1. No one like Obama stickers everybody like anti Obama stickers )


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