Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sarcastic Anti-Obama (Economy) Bumper Stickers.

It can get little boring constantly thinking up new ways to communicate how much of a loser Obama is, but when all else fails, there's sarcasm. Turning his blatant lie about Americans being able to keep their health insurance (under Obamacare) if they liked it into a joke about unemployment, seemed a natural. The others work along slightly different lines, but they all net out at mocking him from atypical angles.

The bumper stickers are located at: Unemployment Benefits. Unemployed College Grads. Unwittingly Chasing Off Illegals. Third World Country.

I probably won't be at this much longer, because if someone wants to express their opposition to Obama, now is the time. If you visit, look around at the rest of the blog, as there are multiple designs and anti-Obama sentiments that may be of interest. I hate to use overwrought expressions like "this election is life or death," but Obama and his acolytes most certainly have a gun in the mouth of America as we know it.

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